Who is Mobaliz

Mobaliz is a social, digital, and virtual marketing agency.

Our Mission

Our mission is ‘mobilizing to hasten God’s work. We unite end-times Christian entrepreneurs with particular leverage from the millennial generation and a strong bias towards action.

We are God-centric, Christ-focused, and prophetically-principled, we don’t speak for any church, we just do good and get things done.

Our motto is facilitating personal consecration.

Why Start with Isaiah?

Isaiah is the only book of scripture that Christ himself has said, “…ye ought to search these things. Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah.”

We believe Isaiah has a clear message for us and our day.

In fact, Christ tells us more about Isaiah, “And all things that he spake have been and shall be, even according to the words which he spake.”

Isaiah seems to use types and symbols of what happened in his day to tell us about our day.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer up all things Isaiah, from the basic to the boring, from the exciting to the end times, from the hopeful to the great and dreadful. We don’t claim to know what Isaiah is trying to say, but we think with study and with faith, and the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost, we can figure it out.

We are going on a journey of transformation and we want you to join us.

Follow Darryl Alder, our blogger-in-residence, as he takes you on a search to ‘Discover Isaiah’ from scratch. He wants you to submit questions in the section he calls ‘Ask Isaiah.’

We start with those who have invested their life’s work in Isaiah, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the academic halls.

We have engaged the likes of Victor Ludlow, Don Parry, and Ann Madsen, wife of our beloved Truman Madsen. We have been speaking with new scholars like Shon Hopkins and Joseph Spencer. We have quoted from Terry Ball and David Ridges and are inviting any and all to the table. In fact, you tell us who you want to hear from.

This table of scholars have some pretty heady debates going on that we will bring to light and let our readers decide; our only rules are civility and unity as we seek truth together. And even though this table has been dusty and their Isaiah videos have been largely unwatched until now, we are confident that in bite-sized chunks there is a transformational message waiting for us in Isaiah.

We call this section Scholar’s Share.

Join our Creative Director Kelsey Wilding and our head of content distribution Jacob Krogue in our research department we call Isaiah Labs.

We will be studying everything from how Isaiah study habits differ between cross-town rivals BYU and the U. of U., to how often Isaiah is quoted in conference talks, to the top chapters and verses of Isaiah.

Like the students of these two schools, we invite you to see what level of Isaiah you are on:

  1. Skip Isaiah
  2. Skim Isaiah
  3. Read Isaiah
  4. Study Isaiah
  5. Search Isaiah
  6. Search diligently Isaiah
  7. Feast on the words of Isaiah

Our first epic project with word, image, audio, and video is to follow the ‘Journey of Nephi’ and his family from Jerusalem through going back for the plates, to a vision like John the Revelator’s that was so powerful he was forbidden to tell us, so what did he do next?

He quoted Isaiah.

And we noticed Nephi wouldn’t be outdone, so he made a little bit of his own commentary. We search and compare that also.

We know Isaiah’s hard to get through, even Elder Holland and Elder Packard joked about it. But not for long.

Our research shows Isaiah is one of the top reasons why people who start out to read the Book of Mormon don’t finish. We think it’s time we learn to get past that. Nephi had something important to tell us, but we have been stumbling over it, skipping it, skimming it.

We know Nephi had one convert, his own brother Jacob. That is the second big project, to see why Jacob included over a third of the chapters in 2nd Nephi from Isaiah.

We call it ‘Jacob’s Transformation.’

Then Abinadi quoted Isaiah, and so did Mormon and Moroni.

And most important of all, Christ quoted Isaiah, and commanded us that we search his words diligently.

Hence the name of this website…

It must be important.

They told us to liken the scriptures to us and to our day. We have found some pretty amazing things, we believe Isaiah talks about our issues, from pornography and child trafficking, to politics and war, to even millennials and baby boomers.

So, we will comment and highlight Isaiah Breaking News and liken it to ourselves, but to make it much more fun and interesting, we have recruited someone to help us do that very thing… we call him Pop… Pop Isaiah.

He is a bit of an old curmudgeon, but wow, he knows his stuff. And you can follow him as he highlights current events that seem to fulfill what Isaiah saw. Granted, he is a bit of a grouch, but at least he won’t be boring.

There are some really big things we are planning… global things. You may have seen some billboards recently… yea… that was us. That was nothing. We think you will start seeing Isaiah on the world stage soon, with or without our help. We know the Lord can do his own work, but he is kind enough to let us join Him, if we will.

So please, join the conversation as we search Isaiah.

Be Part of It

Join our SearchIsaiah Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter. Make comments, ask Isaiah, see what level you are on, follow us, friend us, like us, and please share us with friends and family.

Ken Krogue – Founder, Mobaliz