Jacob Uses Isaiah to teach of Christ

God’s Enduring Covenant with the House of Israel in 2 Nephi

saiah's ancient prophecies echoed across time, finding deep meaning for the Nephites in the Book of Mormon. Through Jacob's message in 2 Nephi 6–10, rooted in Isaiah's words, this bridge between past and present offers hope, faith, and a reminder of God's enduring promises.
Nephi seeks to understand the words of the prophet Isaiah

A Look at 1 Nephi 20–21 and Isaiah 48-49 (Part 1)

The Book of Mormon includes quotes from Isaiah, which can be confusing for readers. Nephi, a prophet, included them to show his people (descendants of Lehi) and the Jews in Jerusalem (descendants of Israel) how God speaks to all His children throughout history, offering both warnings and hope. He hoped this would strengthen their faith.

Acquiring the Learning of the Jews

The learning of the Jews consists of knowing Hebrew and other ancient languages, understanding parallelisms, chiasmic patterns, semitic poetry, the history and geography of Israel, and such? Certainly, all these things play their part. But there is something much more basic because the learning of the Jews is all about a culture of learning.
Search Isaiah - Ann Madsen - Why Study Isaiah

Ann Madsen – Why Study Isaiah

Ann Madsen explains the work it might take to get and understanding of the words of Isaiah as you study it.

Parallelism May Cover Hidden Treasures in Isaiah

The Lord knew that the Scriptures would be tampered with and that some things could not be outrightly said. Also, much like parables, the difficult writing of the Prophets is meant to declare glorious truths to those who seek them ...Alexander writes about the folly of forced parallelism, “These [false] constructions are so violent, and the contrary usage so plain, that the question naturally arises, why should the latter be departed from at all?

Poetry in the Book of Isaiah

When asked why Hebrew poetry does not rhyme, Ann Madsen explained that it is not words that rhyme like in our...
Ann Madsen

Ann Madsen Shares Insights Into Understanding Isaiah (Part 1) Discover with Darryl

Darryl: Hi, I'm Darryl Alder with SearchIsaiah.org. Today we have a scholar with us, Ann Madsen. We're going to talk about a...
Search Isaiah - Ann Madsen - Favorite Passages From The Book of Isaiah

Ann Madsen – Favorite Passages From The Book of Isaiah

Kelsey Wilding:  Do you have a favorite chapter of Isaiah? Ann Madsen: Depending on the day. I have parts of Isaiah that I truly...there are...

King James Version: Not Obsolete, Part II

Since mid-October 2020, I had the opportunity to attend several seminars by world-renown Hebrew scholars. One lecture by Professor Emmanuel Tov of...

Biblical Criticism and Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

I do not like the expression Biblical Criticism as it may appear as an attack on sorts on the Bible, so I...