April 2018 Solemn Assembly LDS General Conference

General Conference, The First Presidency and Isaiah

The members of the new First Presidency have spoken many times in General Conference. Among ancient prophets, their common choice has been Isaiah. President Russel M. Nelson has quoted him more than forty times...

Easy General Conference Coloring Activity

Download PDF: Isaiah Coloring Activity for LDS General Conference
8 Promises Revealed in The Book of Isaiah for True Fasting

Isaiah’s 8 Reasons to Fast

Isaiah 58:8 ¶ Then shall thy alight➀ break forth as the morning, and thine bhealth shall spring forth speedily:➁ and thy righteousness shall go before thee;➂ the glory of the Lord shall be thy crearward.➃ Isaiah 58:9 Then shalt thou acall, and the Lord shall answer;➄ thou shalt cry, and he...