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The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn...

Because I wrote Isaiah Testifies of Christ over a twenty-year period, I began to incorporate my personal journal into the exegetical explanations....

Finding Hope in Christ’s Atonement

his is how we begin to climb that ladder that the Prophet Joseph Smith spoke about. The Spirit will be there to hold out His hand to us all along the way, through the principles of grace, justification and sanctification.



Isaiah Tells the Nativity Story in Matthew and Luke

This month, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will continue to study Jesus's early years in the new...
The Savior’s Birth, Life, and Death All Foretold Through Isaiah’s Wordsvideo

The Savior’s Birth, Life, and Death All Foretold Through Isaiah’s Words

Using the words of Isaiah during Advent to prepare for Christmas makes sense. Among the authors of the four Gospels, Isaiah is cited twice...

Top Questions

Is the Book of Isaiah Historical Fiction?

The contest of ideas regarding Isaiah as a prophet, seer or historian has plagued the Book of Isaiah's unity and prompted a multiple author...

Can We Prove Who Wrote the Book of Isaiah?

These days, the answer to this question troubles many Millennials who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but computer...


The Top 20 Books On Isaiah - Isaiah Labs on for July 2018

Top 20 Books on Isaiah: LDS Authors-Paperback

The team at Isaiah Labs recently introduce our latest research project, Top 15 Books on Isaiah on Kindle. Now we introduce the Top 20...


Connecting Networks: How Isaiah 51 Clarifies my Modern Struggles.

Sarah Holmes is the latest addition to team Search Isaiah. She is from small-town Salmon, Idaho and joined the team to give millennials a...

Book of Mormon Evidence vs Book of Mormon Central

I recently spent three days at two Book of Mormon conferences on the same weekend. The 21st International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference believes...

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