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The Isaiah Diet

Recently I have been wondering about Isaiah's family diet; wondering what the Prophetess might prepare for Isaiah and their two sons at mealtimes. Hayes and Miller...
Ensign Peak

Did the Utah Pioneers Fulfill Isaiah’s Prophecies?

July 24th, 1847 is celebrated as the day Mormon pioneers settled the state of Utah after being forced from Nauvoo, Illinois.  However, do you...


BYU's 3D Jerusalem Tourvideo

BYU’s 3D Jerusalem Tour

Months ago I visited a Book of Mormon conference where I took a 3D tour of Herod's temple. I walked upstairs to the Temple...

Isaiah 54 and 3 Nephi 22

This chapter shows the Lord’s promise and devotion to Zion in the last days. As such, it is a natural continuation of the prophetic,...

Expert Insights


Victor Ludlow ISAIAH Prophet, Seer, Poet

Hello everyone, this Ken Krogue from We have Victor Ludlow here with us today. We want to take some time with several different...

The Suffering Servant: Part I

As a descendant of Judah from my paternal heritage, my most valued treasure is the unshakable testimony of the Divinity of Jesus the Messiah,...


The Top 20 Books On Isaiah - Isaiah Labs on for July 2018

Top 20 Books on Isaiah: LDS Authors-Paperback

The team at Isaiah Labs recently introduce our latest research project, Top 15 Books on Isaiah on Kindle. Now we introduce the Top 20...


Search Isaiah - The Book of Mormon—a Tale of Two Conferences

Book of Mormon Evidence vs Book of Mormon Central

I recently spent three days at two Book of Mormon conferences on the same weekend. The 21st International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference believes...
Pop Isaiah is My Name, You Can Call me Pop

Pop Isaiah is My Name, Making You Think is My Game

They call me Pop, Pop Isaiah actually. I write this highly opinionated column on all things Isaiah. I used to be a scholar, researcher, and...



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