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Patterns of Hebrew Prophecies

"Who predicts what happens as do I, and is the equal of me in appointing a people from of old as types, foretelling things...

How to Understand Isaiah Part 3

In the days that the prophecies of Isaiah shall be fulfilled men shall know of a surety, at the times when they shall come...



Old Testament 2018 Teaching Plans for Gospel Doctrine—Lesson 40

DOWNLOAD Old Testament 2018 Teaching Plans for Gospel Doctrine Lessons 36–40 where Darryl models "Come, Follow Me" lesson plans. In this lesson using a...
Lesson 40: Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent

Lesson 40: Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent

Studying passages from Isaiah 54–56; 63–65 we should be ow to encouraged to strengthen the stake we live in while preparing for the Second Coming and the Millennium. The...

Top Questions

Can We Prove Who Wrote the Book of Isaiah?

These days, the answer to this question troubles many Millennials who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but computer...
How many Isaiahs are there?

How Many Isaiahs Are There?

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, authorship of the Book of Isaiah has come into questions. Mainstream Bible scholars everywhere identify at least three...


Top 20 Books on Isaiah: LDS Authors-Paperback

The team at Isaiah Labs recently introduce our latest research project, Top 15 Books on Isaiah on Kindle. Now we introduce the Top 20...


Book of Mormon Evidence vs Book of Mormon Central

I recently spent three days at two Book of Mormon conferences on the same weekend. The 21st International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference believes...

Pop Isaiah is My Name, Making You Think is My Game

They call me Pop, Pop Isaiah actually. I write this highly opinionated column on all things Isaiah. I used to be a scholar, researcher, and...

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