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Isaiah 29:9-16

This is the third, and longest, of four installments on Isaiah 29, comprising of verses 9–16 (and including aids from latter-day revealed Scripture). A...

Isaiah 29:1-8

This is Part II of the series. Ok, so this is not your one-minute version of Isaiah, even though I have abridged...


The Savior Quotes Isaiah

Read Part 1 of this post by clicking here Isaiah is often quoted in the New Testament. The Savior cites him at least seven times...
Hebrew Bible displaying the parallelism in the book of Isaiahvideo

Victor Ludlow: Why Hebrew Poetry Doesn’t Rhyme

Darryl: Hi, I'm Darryl Alder. Welcome to Today we're here with Victor Ludlow and Victor wrote a book many years ago, called 'Isaiah,...

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Is the Book of Isaiah Historical Fiction?

The contest of ideas regarding Isaiah as a prophet, seer or historian has plagued the Book of Isaiah's unity and prompted a multiple author...

Can We Prove Who Wrote the Book of Isaiah?

These days, the answer to this question troubles many Millennials who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but computer...


The Top 20 Books On Isaiah - Isaiah Labs on for July 2018

Top 20 Books on Isaiah: LDS Authors-Paperback

The team at Isaiah Labs recently introduce our latest research project, Top 15 Books on Isaiah on Kindle. Now we introduce the Top 20...


Book of Mormon Evidence vs Book of Mormon Central

It was a year ago this week, I spent three days at two Book of Mormon conferences on the same weekend. The 21st International Book...

Biblical Criticism & Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

I do not like the expression Biblical Criticism as it may appear as an attack on sorts on the Bible, so I prefer the...

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