Search Isaiah - Ann Madsen - Relatable Passages and Metaphors

Ann Madsen – Relatable Passages and Metaphors

Kelsey Wilding:  So, when you teach students are there like passages, that are 'aha' moments for them? Ann Madsen:  Oh yes. Kelsey Wilding: Do you have one that really hits hard? Ann Madsen: Well, it's different for...
Search Isaiah - Ann Madsen - Why the Writings of Isaiah are Difficult to Understand

Ann Madsen – Why the Writings of Isaiah are Difficult to Understand

Kelsey Wilding:  Why is Isaiah written in poetic form? Ann Madsen:  Because all revelation in the Old Testament is written in poetic form. Kelsey Wilding: Really? Ann Madsen: Almost all of it yeah. Jeremiah, all of it. Kelsey...
1 Minute Isaiah Challenge

Ann Madsen – Shares Her Experiences & Studies of Isaiah

Kelsey Wilding:  And what book is it? Ann Madsen: It's called, 'Opening Isaiah, a Harmony'. And it lines up five different columns of versions of Isaiah. One of them is the Dead Sea scrolls version,...
Isaiah’s Literary Style displayed through modern day writing of pen and notebook

Isaiah’s Literary Style

In the introduction to their book, Opening Isaiah—a Harmony, Shon Hopkin and Ann Madsen explain 7 kinds of parallelism in Hebrew poetry as presented in the Book of Isaiah, where ideas, not rhyme, are compared and contrasted.
Search Isaiah - Ann Madsen - Introduction

Ann Madsen – Introduction

Kelsey Wilding:  Hi, today we are talking with Ann Madsen. It's nice to meet you Ann. We're going to get to know a little bit about her, so can you tell us a little...
Ann Madsen

Get to Know Isaiah Scholar, Ann N. Madsen

Finding Isaiah Ann N. Madsen has always loved to learn. After living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while her husband Truman pursued his doctorate at Harvard, they returned to Utah for a teaching position at Brigham Young...