Ann Madsen – Shares Her Experiences & Studies of Isaiah

1 Minute Isaiah Challenge

Kelsey Wilding:  And what book is it?

Ann Madsen: It’s called, ‘Opening Isaiah, a Harmony’. And it lines up five different columns of versions of Isaiah. One of them is the Dead Sea scrolls version, which most people wouldn’t know too much about, but it begins with the King James Version, the Joseph Smith translation, the Book of Mormon, Isaiah, which is not quite all what’s in the Old Testament. The Dead Sea scrolls, it is all that’s in the Old Testament, and then a book of modern scripture that has it in poetry form, so that you can look at the lines lined up. Then you can really study Isaiah because Hebrew poetry does line up lines like that.

Kelsey Wilding: Is there anything else you’d like to add about ‘Opening Isaiah’?

Ann Madsen: Oh no, except…

Kelsey Wilding: Promotion time now. Come on.

Ann Madsen:  I know, well it’s the…I think…I’m hoping that people will use it as a tool to let them into Isaiah because the footnotes and the maps make a big difference. I mean every time it mentions a place, there’s a map, and so you see where it is in connection to Isaiah at that time. And every time it mentions a Hebrew word that has a…like hineni, that means behold, here I  that am, there’s a footnote that doesn’t’ tell you what you need to think about it, but it tells you what it means, so that when he says, behold here I am, you say, in the footnote, it says something like, in the Hebrew the word is hineni, which means, behold I am here, I am at your service, which is what he says when they say, who shall we send.  Notice it’s we. Who shall we send. And it’s the Father and the Son who do all their sending together, as we know, because we have other experiences that teach us that.

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