Is Donald Trump a Type for Cyrus?


Today Newsweek asked: “Will Trump Hasten the Arrival of the Messiah?  Jews and Evangelicals Think So.”  Then they answered their own questions with this:

“In the wake of President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, some Jewish activists argued that the U.S. president was being guided by God to restore Jewish control over sacred sites.

“Activists lobbying for the construction of a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem said Trump was playing a similar role to the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great, who allowed the Jews to return to Israel from exile.

“Jews also praised Cyrus for helping them build a second Jewish temple in the same place where the first had been destroyed.” (You can read more here)

A few hours prior to Newsweek’s post, I read  “Messianic Trump-Cyrus Connection Revealed Through Hebrew Numerology, Bible Codes” and included some of that here too.

“Connections between the US president and Persian King Cyrus, recently strengthened by President Donald Trump’s landmark speech acknowledging Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, have deep roots in Bible Codes and Biblical numerology which link both men to the coming of the Messiah.

“President Trump is similar to Cyrus in a number of observable ways, rabbis and commentators have noted. Though separated by 2,500 years, both men rule the greatest nation of their respective eras. Cyrus, like Trump, was powerful and rich but not at all devout. And like Cyrus, Trump supports Jewish national aspirations. Now, a Messianic connection has come to light.”

Berkowitz wrote that the connection between Cyrus, Trump and the Messiah are revealed through “mystical methods,” including Gematria, which “gives Hebrew letters and words numerical values which uncover hidden meanings.”

Berkowitz continued: “Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Bible codes expert, also discovered Trump ties to Cyrus and Messiah within the codes. One week after the 2016 elections, Rabbi Glazerson produced a video(see video above) in which he described clues found in Leviticus.”  (You can read this post in its entirety at Breaking Israel News.)

And there are others too:

What do you think? Is our president a new Cyrus to usher in the Millenium?

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  1. I really agree with the article that Trump is a lot like King Cyrus. Yes, President Trump has his issues, but we ALL DO, but we can all change as well. Looking back on history and the Bible, King Cyrus was a good King, may not have been religious, but he was a great help to the Jewish Nation, and with President Trumps announcing of Jerusalem as Capital for Israel, one can see why the talk of comparison to King Cyrus with President Trump is being discussed.

  2. Elizabeth Broderick

    Absolutely not.


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