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Kelsey Wilding:  What made you interested in Isaiah initially?

Ann Madsen:  I was a master’s degree student and I was studying the Old Testament and I was going to be teaching the Old Testament, and so I studied all of the prophets in the Old Testament, and I particularly liked Isaiah, but I didn’t understand it very well.  It’s funny, I think about my youth, and I think about the first time I tried to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and pray about it.  And I got to the Isaiah passages and I couldn’t keep going, and it makes me smile now because I think I hope I’m helping other people get through the Isaiah passages so that they can find out that the book is true, because I didn’t get to find out that it was true because I started reading the doctrine and covenants.  And then I finally got to it and I found out for myself that it was true.  And so, then as I was studying the Old Testament, the more I taught the Old Testament at BYU, the more I wanted to learn more about Isaiah.  Isaiah seemed like a wonderful mystery that I could plunge the depths of if I would just make the effort.  So, that’s what I did, and that’s what I’m still doing.  I mean I’ve just finished a book this year on I think it puts together most of what I have learned in all these years.

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I’m a connoisseur of the esoteric, whether in scripture or desserts. Isaiah’s air of mystery reaches through the ages to draw me in and compels me to uncover his ancient mysteries. While design is my calling, occasionally I lend my words to


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