Isaiah Made Simple


Isaiah Made Simple cuts through the complexities of Isaiah and unseals the mysteries therein. In this remarkable new work by Isaiah scholar Avraham Gileadi, Ph.D., you’ll discover the meanings behind Isaiah’s message to us. You’ll master new tools which easily unveil Isaiah’s prophecy, helping you develop greater confidence in the Lord as we approach His imminent return.

Welcome to the amazing journey of discovering the message of Isaiah! For most of us, the task of understanding Isaiah’s prophecy has felt formidable if not impossible. The main reason likely came from our unfamiliarity with the manner of prophesying of the Hebrew prophets. Their layered elements, profound insights, and rich imagery seemed to lie beyond our novice abilities to unravel. Whatever our obstacles may have been in the past, however, an inner beckoning to inquire into this sacred scripture has once again surfaced.

We at Isaiah Institute International are glad you have responded to this prompting. Thankfully, based on tools of interpretation developed by Dr. Avraham Gileadi that use Jewish methods of analyzing, the words of Isaiah now unfold to our view. The importance of these methods cannot be understated. Expert testimonials such as the following among many attest to the significance of these innovative methods and Dr. Gileadi’s uncommon qualification:

Blessed with these interpretive tools and outstanding translation, our days of seemingly fruitless struggle are over. I speak from my own experience. When I prayerfully sought guidance for the right resources to understand the words of Isaiah, I was led to Dr. Gileadi’s books. They have proven extraordinarily helpful to me and many others. Indeed glorious has been the journey of discovering Isaiah’s message for us today!

The words of this sacred scripture that are here decoded uncover a revelation that is of utmost relevance for all peoples in the world, warning of the direful consequences of ignoring it yet promising a glorious future for those who believe it. As we awaken to Isaiah’s marvelous vision of the “end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) and feel the convincing power of our Savior’s words given through him, we feel to come to our Savior and learn to trust in him to lead us through the times of trial that are already at hand.

 A sense of urgency to spread Isaiah’s message to all nations overpowers us, leading us now to bring Isaiah’s portending message to you. Your personal efforts are still needed, but your search of Isaiah’s words will henceforth be amplified exponentially. If you are diligent, this journey will take you to amazing heights of understanding you never imagined possible. Soon you will confirm to yourself that you have made a breakthrough, not just with Isaiah but with all scripture studies because of Isaiah.

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Kenichi Shimokawa is a native of Japan, and lived in the US for 16 years for education, full-time missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and work. After professionally trained as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapy researcher at Brigham Young University, his previous work included postdoctoral fellowship at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, and the manager of LDS Family Services Japan Office. After discovering the message of Isaiah through inspiring books on Isaiah written by Avraham Gileadi, PhD—a renowned Isaiah scholar—Kenichi has been actively involved in the work of sharing the message of Isaiah through the Hebraeus Foundation—an NPO dedicated to taking the message of Isaiah to the world and supports the work of Dr. Gileadi, including supporting the efforts to translate his work into foreign languages. Kenichi loves to work with people interested in sharing the message of Isaiah and of Jesus Christ.


  1. I just got my copy of Isaiah Made Simple. I should have ordered it six weeks ago when we started studying Isaiah in Sunday School. The five chapters make me want to dive in right awayL
    I will keep you all posted in the Discover With Darryl section of this blog


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