Where Was Isaiah Born, and to Whom?

Where was Isaiah born?

Isaiah was born around 750 years before Christ in Jerusalem. His father was Amoz and Jewish tradition says he was of royal descent, and he may have been a cousin to King Uzziah. This may have given him access to the kings of Judah in Jerusalem.

Isaiah served as a prophet in Jerusalem for about 40 years (approximately 740–701 B.C.), during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Manasseh of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. It was written sometime during his ministry (approximately 740–701 B.C.). Since that ministry was centered in Jerusalem, this is the most likely location of the book’s origin.

“Tradition states that he was ‘sawn asunder’ during the reign of Manasseh” (Bible Dictionary, “Isaiah”).

Isaiah’s full name would have been “Isaiah (first name) Son of Amoz (last name)”. His name in Hebrew is YHWH which means “The Lord is Salvation.”

With a name like that, of course, he was destined for big things.

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