Isaiah in Second Nephi 7-8

A Companion to Your “Come, Follow Me” Study in the Book of Mormon of 2 Nephi 7–8 (Isaiah 50-52:2 )

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•  2 Nephi 7 / Isaiah 50—the Third Servant Song Like Nephi, Jacob loves Isaiah. Like Nephi, Jacob loves Isaiah. Jacob reads  Isaiah 50  ( 2 Nephi 7), to testify of Christ.
• Then in 2 Nephi 8, he continues by reading Isaiah 51-52:2, writing to awaken the Nephites to a remembrance of all that the Lord had done for them; he uses Isaiah’s writings as a second witness to his own vision.

Before we begin our study, it seems like we should be asking what Nephi intended for us as readers in 1 Nephi Chapter 20? And further, what Jacob is trying to do in 2 Nephi 78, by adding these chapters from Isaiah

My guess is that it may have something to do with the format Nephi used in his whole second book, where he is trying to awaken the Nephites to a remembrance of all that the Lord had done for them.

The main body or “more sacred things,” as Nephi calls them, offer three discourses one after another. The first discourse is from his brother, Jacob, which is both this and the next chapter. Following those quotes from Isaiah, there are twelve more chapters from Isaiah and finally a conclusion by Nephi.

As Nephi opens his work in 2 Nephi 1 he leads with Lehi’s words to his sons as a preface, then moves to his own detailed vision of the tree of life, adding commentary as he writes. Then he uses Isaiah’s writings as a kind of second witness to his own vision. Second Nephi concludes with Nephi’s admonition regarding the gospel of Christ.

Joseph Spencer points out:  “At the heart of things here is Isaiah, not just because the very chapters we’re considering now make up the central stretch of this most privileged portion of Nephi’s record, but also because Jacob and Nephi dedicate their contributions to quoting and explaining other Isaianic texts.”1

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Spencer, Joseph M., The Vision of All: Twenty-five Lectures on Isaiah in Nephi’s Record, Greg Kofford Books, p 141

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