Isaiah’s Literary Style displayed through modern day writing of pen and notebook

Isaiah’s Literary Style

In the introduction to their book, Opening Isaiah—a Harmony, Shon Hopkin and Ann Madsen explain 7 kinds of parallelism in Hebrew poetry as presented in the Book of Isaiah, where ideas, not rhyme, are compared and contrasted.
Jacob Quotes Isaiah & Nephi Quotes Isaiah More

Jacob Quotes Isaiah & Nephi Quotes Isaiah More

Why is it that Nephi quotes Isaiah, then his brother Jacob quotes Isaiah too and after that Nephi quotes Isaiah even more? RoseAnn Benson and Shon Hopkin set out to explain this in their essay, "Finding Doctrine and...
Shon Hopkin

Get to Know Isaiah Scholar, Shon D. Hopkin

Finding Isaiah Shon D. Hopkin’s interest in Isaiah began in 1996 while studying at the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center. “My time studying in Jerusalem lit a fire that eventually led me to a Ph.D. in Hebrew...
The book of Isaiah & Book of Mormon: Finding Doctrine and Meaning in Book of Mormon

Finding Doctrine and Meaning in Book of Mormon Isaiah

For many readers of the Book of Mormon, the Isaiah passages quoted in 1 and 2 Nephi, Mosiah, and 3 Nephi present an almost insurmountable obstacle made up of Hebrew poetry and imagery. Particularly...
Isaiah Scholar Shon Hopkin Explains Why Isaiah is so Hard to Understand in the Modern Day

Shon Hopkin – Why is Isaiah Hard to Understand?

 Ken Krogue:  Let's talk about...again, one of the things I background is social and digital media, and I want to make Isaiah cool. Shon Hopkin:  Yeah. Ken Krogue: I want to get it out there,...
BYU professor Shon Hopkin discusses why Isaiah may have included Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

Shon Hopkin – Isaiah Provides Hope

Ken Krogue:  So, we've been following that pathway of why did Nephi put Isaiah in the Book of Mormon.  And, so we're able to do this fun info graphic of the journey of Nephi,...
Shon Hopkin discusses the top 5 questions students ask about the Book of Isaiah

Shon Hopkin – Top 5 Questions About Isaiah

Ken Krogue:  List just the top five questions that you could ask in class? What do they ask you? Shon Hopkin: So, they always...they want to know, how can I understand this in my day,...
The Search Isaiah team asked Shon Hopkin, is Isaiah talking about his day or our day?

Shon Hopkin – Is Isaiah Talking About His Day or Our Day?

Ken Krogue:  So, there's a major, major question in Isaiah that we're...all our rookies are in... you guys are living in this, but you've dedicated your life’s work to this, and the main question...
Opening Isaiah: A Harmony written by Shon Hopkin and Ann Madsen to help make Isaiah easier to study.

Shon Hopkin – The Start of Opening Isaiah: A Harmony with Ann Madsen

Ken Krogue:  Now, when we were introduced to you, we got to meet you and Ann Madsen. Shon Hopkin: Yeah. Ken Krogue: Tell us about that connection. Shon Hopkin: So, Ann is a wonderful friend, a very...
Search Isaiah - Shon Hopkin - Three Things I Want to Accomplish When Teaching Isaiah

Shon Hopkin – Three Things I Want to Accomplish When Teaching Isaiah

Ken Krogue:  So, let's get to yours. Shon Hopkin: The flavors? Ken Krogue: Yes. Shon Hopkin: Yes, so, my goal, when I teach Isaiah, and in this harmony that we've produced, it's their number one, I want...