Shon Hopkin – Burning Questions of Isaiah

Search Isaiah ask Shon Hopkin if there are any questions that one should be asking about the Book of Isaiah

Ken Krogue:  Ok, one last question.  This is always the hard one.  When I go to a restaurant, I always ask the waiter, what would you get if you were here? So what question about Isaiah should I have asked, because I didn’t, that if you were in my chair, you were like, well, this one’s obvious.  What’s just a burning issue on Isaiah or a question or something we need to capture?

Shon Hopkin: Well, so I brought it up already and I’ll mention it again, and that is, we are somewhat familiar with those Book of Mormon Isaiah chapters, but there are powerful gems throughout Isaiah, that are just overwhelmingly beautiful.  I think of…

Ken Krogue: That are in the Book of Mormon, or…

Shon Hopkin: They aren’t in the Book of Mormon…

Ken Krogue: Ok, so they go beyond the Book of Mormon?

Shon Hopkin: Yeah, so I think of Isaiah 22, talking about Eliakim and he’s a type of Christ.  His name means he shall be lifted up.  And it’s saying, he will become, quoting straight from the text, as a nail in a sure place, there in Isaiah 22, and for Christians that of course is going to point us straight to the crucifixion, and to Christ’s role, the Messiah’s role in our lives.  There are just some real gems that we miss, that have for us sacred implications.

Ken Krogue: Ok, that’s good.

Shon Hopkin: And then there are also some real gems about the nature of God.  I think of Isaiah 26 and what I like to call the parable of the ploughman, where he is saying, God instructs the ploughman to put this seed here and that seed there, and that seed there, why?  Because this is how God works with us, right? He plants us where we are going to be best challenged and blessed.  And I think these are beautiful and profound nuanced views of the nature of God.  Sometimes it catches us by surprise in someone who wrote three thousand years ago.  You think, no, he understands God better than I do.

Ken Krogue: Wow.

Shon Hopkin:  And I can really gain strength from the way he views God.

Ken Krogue: Thank you.  That’s beautiful.

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