Welcome to Search Isaiah freeway billboard billboard on I-15 Southbound.

After seeing our billboards, you probably have some questions.

Like, who are these people? What are they trying to do? Why are they launching a billboard campaign on September 23rd along I-15  in Salt Lake and Utah County? How do they hope to accomplish their purpose? And most important, so what?

Who is

Like you, we also have a lot of questions. We are a group of writers, artists, videographers, social media marketers, and entrepreneurs with the vision to help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints search the book of Isaiah.  

But it’s not about us. It’s about all of us. It’s honestly about Isaiah; probably the hardest book to understand in all of scripture.

None of us are scholars with any real background in academics, but we deeply value learning. We are reaching out for help from those who have invested their life in studying this complex book. We are looking for truth, and we don’t have a lot of time. None of us do, we are all busy.

We aren’t selling anything, at least nothing yet. But we do hope a lot of books from these authors and scholars get sold. (We hope to help this along a bit.) We aren’t in this for money, in fact, any profits from our work will go right back into this cause, and others.

One of the first questions we asked was, is it just us, or are there a lot of natural disasters and crazy things happening lately? And sorry to tell you, we aren’t evangelicals calling the LDS people to repentance, or doomsday people out on the fringe, far from it. We are probably on the edge though, after all, look at the lengths we went just to start this conversation with you. We are normal folks from here or right around here. You will laugh when you finally figure out who we are.

The most important who is you. We want feedback, questions, and ideas.

What is

We hope the name of the website explains it best. We want you to join us as we search Isaiah for answers together.  

Let’s mention some ground rules. We need to be civil and unified as we search for truth. That may be wishful thinking. The trolls and lurkers may swarm us, that’s ok. But here’s the deal, you need to come out from under your bridge and be who you are. Identify yourself in the light of day. Engage in real conversation. Be thoughtful. Let us all try to be our better selves.

We hope to see into the future, decipher what’s happening today, and understand the past.

In fact, that’s probably the first key to Isaiah.

He seemed to have an amazing knack for choosing types and shadows from his day, to prophecy about our day. The assumption is what happened back then is a pattern of what happens now, to us. Now that’s compelling.

What if the whole book of Isaiah is written just for us? What if it was coded and hidden in a way to survive for thousands of years, perfectly intact, for this exact time, this very day.

When is launching?

So why launch on September 23rd?

Have you googled it? It’s all over the web… how the constellation Virgo is going through labor pains to deliver a man-child, and then some crazy things start happening. This same configuration amongst the stars hasn’t happened for thousands of years.

Many on the web say it aligns exactly with Revelations 12, verses 1 and 2. Joseph Smith upped the ante, even changed the order a bit, moved verse 5 up to verse 3 and combined some things. But, you say, that’s Revelation, we are talking Isaiah. We thought so too.

Then we found Isaiah 66:7.


Does God speak to us through the alignment and rotation of planets and stars put in place millions or thousands of years ago? The odds of that thought are so enormous it blows circuits in our brain. But if there’s a God… it’s easy. It’s what He does. If there isn’t a God, it’s crazy even to think.


In 2 Nephi Chapter 14, Nephi says he saw our day, the last days, just like John the Revelator saw. He seemed almost desperate to tell us everything he could as plain as he could… to warn us. But he was forbidden to tell us more.

So what did he do?

He quoted Isaiah. Tons of Isaiah. And so did his brother Jacob.

But do you want to know the real reason we are doing this?

Christ himself said that we ought to search these things. In fact, he said in 3 Nephi 23:1, that it is a commandment for us to search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah.

We can’t find that about any other book… anywhere. It must be important.

Full Disclosure: If it isn’t obvious, Jesus Christ matters to us. What He says matters to us.

Next question.

How are we promoting

We didn’t want to be hypocrites, so we have been searching pretty diligently ourselves.

And we tested what to put on our billboards. Marketers do that. How? With Facebook. We tested what we said, what colors to use, what fonts… you get the picture. Results went up 400%.

We tested humor; jokes about Isaiah. Surprisingly, they didn’t work so well. We quickly figured out Isaiah isn’t very funny… or fun. We hope to change that.

Does Isaiah have answers that matter? We sure think so. Join us and let’s find out together.

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Search Isaiah is a resource for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to dive into the book of Isaiah. By sharing a vast range of resources including study guides, articles, podcasts, and more, we hope to provide readers with ways to search the book of Isaiah.


  1. Why not provide some sources here or recommended readings? Isaiah is hard enough to understand on his own. We are obviously struggling at having any clue what he’s talking about. You reference books, scholars and authors with no sources…thanks for that.

    • Hi Adam,

      Those books, scholars, and sources are coming soon. Stay with us!

  2. Corey B Strange

    Intriguing. I am looking forward to much more good stuff.

    • Corey we have put up more stuff, do you have suggestions for us

  3. Thanks for the time and effort you have gone to. I look forward to the conversations ahead.

    • Thanks for visiting! We are excited to start sharing some incredible resources soon.

    • Rick what kind of conversations would you like us to include?

  4. This is it? One article with no references beyond an article about a conspiracy theorist and a scripture reference that could apply if you squint hard? I appreciate the sentiment and agree that the words of Isaiah are important to search and understand, but the marketing buildup had me expecting … substance.

    Don’t go selling the sizzle if there’s no meat on the grill, as it were.

    • I love it! Couldn’t agree more.

    • I think there is some meat on the grill now. Let us know what you want us to include and we will work to get it

  5. I have been busy the last two weeks trying to understand just two chapters of Isaiah, 48 and 49. Nephi quoted both of these and I really have never known why. So I am looking into it and will let you know what I find as soon as I get the answer

  6. This is Awesome!! I got a deeper appreciation for Isaiah back in 1987, when I was part of the first group to spend the entire 4 months in Israel at the New BYU Jerusalem Center. One of the classes I took was Isaiah class from Ann Madsen, wife to the late Truman Madsen. I gained a deeper appreciation for Isaiah back then and just finished reading the book by Avraham Gileadi: Isaiah Decoded-Ascending the Ladder to Heaven. Look forward to more information from this website!!


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