Isaiah’s Enduring Voice—Echoes in the Book of Mormon


Isaiah’s writings penned between 740 and 701 BC, addressed both immediate concerns and distant futures. He spoke of impending judgment for Israel’s disobedience but also prophesied of a coming Messiah and a glorious restoration. These themes resonated deeply with the Book of Mormon prophets, who faced similar challenges and yearned for the same promised redemption.

Among the many prophetic voices recorded on the Brass Plates, Isaiah was a major source for the Book of Mormon. A staggering third of his 66 chapters find their way into its pages, offering invaluable insights and prophecies.

So, why the heavy focus on Isaiah?

There are several reasons:

  • Relevance: Isaiah’s prophecies resonated deeply with the Book of Mormon’s writers and readers. They saw connections to their experiences and struggles, making his words particularly impactful.
  • Messianic focus: Isaiah extensively prophesied about the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. This aligned perfectly with the Book of Mormon’s central message of Christ’s divinity and mission.
  • End-time warnings: Isaiah warned of future apostasy and destruction, a chilling echo of the challenges facing the Book of Mormon peoples.

By incorporating these select portions of Isaiah, the Book of Mormon authors aimed to:

  • Bolster their prophecies: Isaiah’s words served as powerful validation, lending weight to their pronouncements.
  • Offer hope and guidance: Isaiah’s glimpses of the future, including the Messiah’s return and a glorious millennium, provided comfort and direction.
  • Connect past, present, and future: Weaving Isaiah’s prophecies into their narratives, the Book of Mormon authors created a unified tapestry of God’s dealings with humanity across time.

By including Isaiah’s words, they provided their people with hope and guidance, reminding them that God’s promises transcended their immediate circumstances. They also offered a deeper understanding of the coming Messiah, preparing hearts for his eventual arrival.

How are these Isaiah passages incorporated?

Instead of a single, continuous section, they’re strategically scattered across four books:

Additionally, thirty-six verses were quoted or paraphrased and scattered throughout the Book of Mormon (see our directory here). Dennis Largey explained this:

“Many of the Isaiah passages have important differences from the corresponding versus in the King James version of the Bible—that is word changes or additions that significantly alter, or enlarge the meaning of the verse. Many others of the Isaiah verses in the Book Mormon have minor wording or punctuation changes that do not alter the verse’s meanings, and about 1/3 are exactly the same as the corresponding biblical passages.”

Book of Mormon Reference Companion, pp.345

Exploring Further:

The Book of Mormon’s inclusion of Isaiah’s prophecies invites us to delve deeper into their timeless message. By studying both texts, we can gain a richer understanding of God’s plan for his children and the enduring hope offered through Jesus Christ. You may also enjoy reading other posts on this subject:

Want to learn more?

  • Explore the specific chapters of Isaiah included in the Book of Mormon and their corresponding locations.
  • Discover how different prophets in the Book of Mormon interpreted and applied Isaiah’s words.
  • Reflect on how these ancient prophecies offer hope and guidance for our own lives today.

By engaging with Isaiah’s voice in the Book of Mormon, we embark on a journey of faith and understanding that transcends time and circumstance.

(The ideas for this blog post come largely from Dennis Largey's "Book of Mormon Reference Companion")

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