A Bibliography: Who says that “You can’t have it both ways?


One of my daughters took a class at BYU where the professor suggested that we can’t have it both ways. We can’t accept just that which is convenient to us as members of the Church. This is, however, precisely what every scholar does… each looks for those points of view that agree with the premises she or he is trying to make. Scholars do this in every field of study. Not that opposite points of view are not considered.

I make no apology for that myself. I have searched long and wide through ancient scriptures, translations, commentaries, and lexicons that are written from almost every conceivable angle, and when they helped me make the point I was trying to make, I have used these. I make no general recommendation of them, but I have no reservations about using things I find interesting and useful. Even where there is much I disagree with.

There are dozens of commentaries—or exegetical works—on Isaiah. Some of them specialize on Isaiah, some on particular portions of Isaiah and others cover larger portions of scripture and include Isaiah. These include books written by Jewish authors or by Christians of other faiths. Among the exegetes or Biblical scholars, we often find excellent insights. I have come to expect pearls of wisdom from several of them. In some instances, observations are mentioned as an aside—or even when arguing an opposite perspective. Even these contrary perspectives are often quite useful.

No more important source, to me, has been the writings of the Brethren. But there are extensive portions of Isaiah that have not been referred to by the Brethren.

It requires much striving

Elder B. H. Roberts taught that “It requires striving—intellectual and spiritual—to comprehend the things of God—even the revealed things of God. In no department of human endeavor is the aphorism ‘no excellence without labor’—more in force than in acquiring knowledge of the things of God. The Lord has placed no premium upon idleness or indifference here … the truth here contended for—achievement in divine things, progress in the knowledge of them, comes only with hard striving, earnest endeavor, determined seeking.”1

For the first several chapters of Isaiah, I kept telling myself. “I will never understand this chapter.” Yet eventually I would get an understanding of sorts. I eventually changed my notion to: “This chapter is just as hard as the ones I have completed, yet with work and God’s help I will, in time, come to an understanding.”

Towards the end of the project, I was surprised when on occasion I received guidance from the Lord before I had put in the effort to understand.

This effort would take over two decades of joyous enterprise not to finish or complete; I can see how I could profitably spend the rest of my days cherishing the words of Isaiah and continually revising what I have written. I already see the need for the fourth edition. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and corrections.

At first, it was taking seven months to complete a chapter. This was when I was limited to about two or so hours of study per day. I have become more efficient, and now that I am retired, have more time to devote to the work.

Scripture study is much like entering a room and finding that there are adjoining doors and windows that offer additional insights. And those new rooms have yet more doors and windows, and so on.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” (Isaiah 28:10).

It seems that almost every time I reread a scripture I find additional meaning and inspiration. I particularly love reading and rereading the same passage over and over throughout several weeks. The scriptures seem to form one eternal round.

Because so few people, relatively speaking, are interested in Isaiah, I found that writing was a little like talking to myself when nobody else might want to listen. Prayerful analysis has been the key to this study, especially as I am exposed to so very many perspectives.

With this in mind, then, I here share a bibliography of most of the books that I used in the study of Isaiah, and are related to the articles I am contributing to Search Isaiah.


Here are some of the resources used in the study of Isaiah. Sometimes I utilized multiple versions of the same reference, such as electronic vs. hard copy; or two or more hard copies or electronic copies of a resource. Much of the bibliography is found as footnotes within the text itself. Some of the references do not fit as cleanly or nicely under a specific category, but I wished to refrain from creating additional categories.


Only the most basic and generalized siglum were used. For instance, for the (𝔔) we indicate separately the Great Isaiah Roll (1QIsaa) and other rolls utilized (e.g., 1QIsab, 4QIsac). Peshitta and Syriac share the same siglum.

𝔊 Septuagint, LXX
𝔐 Masoretic text
𝔔 Dead Sea Scrolls, DSS
𝔖 Peshitta
𝔖 Syriac
𝔗 Targum / Chaldee
𝔙 Vulgate



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𝔊 Septuagint, LXX

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𝔐 Masoretic or related texts

• Bibles, also see under.
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𝔔 Dead Sea Scrolls, DSS

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𝔖 Peshitta / Syriac

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𝔗 Targum / Chaldee

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𝔙 Vulgate

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Gregorio Billikopf belongs to the Llanquihue Branch, Puerto Montt Stake, in the south of Chile. He is the author of Isaiah Testifies of Christ and an emeritus academic of the University of California and professor of the University of Chile; author of Party-Directed Mediation: Facilitating Dialogue between Individuals and other books. Gregorio’s paternal grandparents are Lithuanian Jews and German Jews and on his mother’s side of the family he is Chilean. He found Christ through reading the Book of Mormon. You may contact him through bielikov2@yahoo.cl.


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