Isaiah 50-57, the Choicest Chapters— “Come, Follow Me” With Search Isaiah

The prophet Isaiah, in his servant songs, reveals his main message describing the Savior bears our griefs and carries our sorrows in His death and atonement.
Understanding that Jesus outstretched hand comforts men

Understanding Isaiah 40–49—”Come, Follow Me” With Search Isaiah

Isaiah 40 is the beginning of a new tone in the Book of Isaiah, as the prophet changes the emphasis of his message. "Fear not," the Lord has not forgotten you.
Statue of Isaiah in Rome

Thoughts to Keep in Mind—Prophets and Prophecy from”Come, Follow Me,” With

As a companion to your study of "Come, Follow Me" this month "Thoughts to Keep in Mind—Prophets and Prophecy," lists several curated posts from our site.

Thoughts to Keep in Mind—Reading Poetry in the Old Testament from “Come, Follow Me”...

For your study of the Old Testament, the team at has curated a list of their past posts explaining Hebrew poetry, which does not use a rhyming convention but instead employs a comparative or contrastive paring of ideas

Parallelism May Cover Hidden Treasures in Isaiah

The Lord knew that the Scriptures would be tampered with and that some things could not be outrightly said. Also, much like parables, the difficult writing of the Prophets is meant to declare glorious truths to those who seek them ...Alexander writes about the folly of forced parallelism, “These [false] constructions are so violent, and the contrary usage so plain, that the question naturally arises, why should the latter be departed from at all?

King James Version: Not Obsolete, Part II

Since mid-October 2020, I had the opportunity to attend several seminars by world-renown Hebrew scholars. One lecture by Professor Emmanuel Tov of the Hebrew University and three by Dr. Russell Fuller, associate...

Biblical Criticism and Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

I do not like the expression Biblical Criticism as it may appear as an attack on sorts on the Bible, so I prefer the expression Biblical Text Evaluation. We will here introduce the...

Finally, it is our turn to be on earth

My daughter-in-law, Terry, told me of a special experience before her youngest child, Grant, was born. It was a spiritual impression that her mother shared, regarding a final interview between her own father, Cecil...

Our Eternal Abode Depends on the Decisions we Make in Mortality

Exegetes have suggested that Shebna was King Hezekiah's majordomo and treasurer (see especially Isaiah 22:15–19, quoted below). Shebna was one of the “bad boys” of the Bible and the Lord set him...
Young woman studying Scriptures

The positive contributions of interlinear Bibles

As a student of Biblical Hebrew, I have been censured for asking for recommendations on what I call the absurdly literal translations of the Bible, or its twin sister, Biblical Hebrew interlinears....