Four Idioms for Women’s Apostasy Used by Isaiah

4 Important Idioms in Isaiah’s Condemnation of the Women’s Apostasy

Top 4 Most Important Idioms in Isaiah’s Condemnation of the Women Apostasy Infographic

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I’m a connoisseur of the esoteric, whether in scripture or desserts. Isaiah’s air of mystery reaches through the ages to draw me in and compels me to uncover his ancient mysteries. While design is my calling, occasionally I lend my words to


  1. Timely. Isaiah 3:16-24 is chock full of idioms describing women’s apostasy in the last days. Most can, equally, be applied to the men of today. Another example is Isaiah 47:7-9.

    • Tom, since seeing this post I have been pleased to use it as a reference, but am more surprised at how often I find myself observing everyday people in our day that Isaiah might have been describing. And you are right: both women and men.

  2. I observed Beyonce perform at the superbowl half time show a few years back and these verses in Isaiah rang in my ears. I realize what I just typed is full of judgement. But the observation is still needed… because it is a downward societal social marker I suppose as I realize millions of women and teens idolize her and her type in dress, action and self centeredness. It is the Me movement and it seems to gain more speed and critical mass with every passing decade. I strongly believe that we must come out of the world, abandon Me (babylon) and focus on God.


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