Is Isaiah’s 2800-Year-Old Prophecy Being Fulfilled?


In Isaiah 57:14, the Lord commands: “Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumbling block out of the way of my people.” While this may seem a bit obscure, The Israel Bible renders it this way: “Build up, build up a highway! Clear a road! Remove all obstacles From the road of My people!” Some people in Israel see this prophecy being fulfilled in the excavation of an ancient tunnel system.

“The only part of ancient Jerusalem that lies in the Old City is the Temple Mount,” stated AnaRina Heymann, Outreach Coordinator at the City of David in Jerusalem. She explained that the ancient city of Jerusalem was rediscovered by Charles Warren in 1867 when he found a tunnel system (Warren’s Shaft) below the old city. King David may have used these tunnels to capture Jerusalem, and Heymann points to the restoration of these tunnels—covered on both ends by stones—as fulfillment of prophecy.

Heymann said, “Something amazing is happening because you see that we are now excavating this road, and again prophecy is being fulfilled because it says in Isaiah, ‘build up, build up the road,’ the highway. And it says ‘remove the stones for my people’s return.'”

Biblical City of David in the period of Herod's Temple
The Biblical City of David in the period of Herod’s Temple, from the Holy Land Model of Jerusalem.

Last August, Chris Mitchell wrote, “When people visit Jerusalem’s Old City, they may believe it’s the same place King David set up as his capital more than 3,000 years ago. But, that’s not exactly the case. Archaeologists are uncovering the original city and telling others its amazing story.” (Mitchell interviewed Heymann in the above video.)

According to Heymann, each day, excavations of the City of David in Jerusalem are fulfilling the exact words of Isaiah 57:14. “As we uncover the city, the archaeological finds provide unequivocal proof, not only of the Jewish presence of more than 3,000 years in the land, but also the Biblical connection to Jerusalem”—proving to many the actual existence of the Kingdom of David.

Haymann often sees Bible prophesy unfold. In another interview, she cited Isaiah 52:2—explaining how the City of David is revealing itself. “We’re starting to see, in the last decade, the blueprint. She’s starting to share what she looked like to us again. So, you can see how prophecy is speeding up as we go. It’s said [Hebrew] ‘shake off your dust, arise, take your rightful place, Jerusalem.’ If you see the excavations here on a daily basis, you can see the buckets flying. You can see the dust literally flying about, how she’s shaking off her dust.”

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