What if Isaiah Used Instagram?


Recently one of our team members said that he wished Isaiah has an instafeed. This is the best we could do for him and we hope it might help you too.

Isaiah 1–12 Isaiah describes Israel as apostate and corrupt. Isaiah explains that the Israelites will be blessed if they repent and punished if they remain rebellious. He prophesies of events concerning the Restoration, including the latter-day gathering of Israel. Isaiah’s call to the ministry and Judah’s impending wars against Ephraim and Syria are mentioned. Isaiah prophesies of the Messiah.

Isaiah 13–27 The fall of BLast Daysabylon will foreshadow the destruction of the world at the Second Coming. Israel will be scattered and then gathered. Israel will enjoy millennial rest and will be victorious over Babylon (the world). Isaiah describes God’s judgments against wicked nations. Israel will fill the earth.

Isaiah 28–35Book Of Mormon Isaiah foretells the apostasy, the Restoration, and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Israel will be scattered because they rejected the Lord and the prophets. People will turn away from the Lord and become wicked before the Second Coming. Zion will be supported by its stakes. The Lord will punish the wicked at the Second Coming.

Isaiah 36–39 Isaiah describes the invasion of Assyria. King Hezekiah asks Isaiah for advice to prevent the destruction of Jerusalem.

Isaiah 40–48He died for us Isaiah writes about Jesus Christ, who will act as a shepherd to Israel and a light to the Gentiles. The Lord will raise up a deliverer (King Cyrus) to free Israel from captivity. This deliverer is a type of Jesus Christ, who will be the true deliverer. Jesus Christ alone will save Israel, and no one will save Babylon.

Isaiah 49–66 The Lord will gather Israel in the last days. Isaiah describes the Messiah’s suffering. Isaiah invites all to seek the Lord. The Lord will destroy the wicked at His Second Coming.

Excerpts are taken from the “Old Testament Seminary Teacher Manual | Introduction to the Book of Isaiah

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  1. This is exciting, I think with the kids today being very into social media this is a great way to keep them connected. What a cool article!

    • Yours is one of our target age groups for Isaiah Instagram posts. We are treating Isaiah like a hip, living dude that has stuff to say to Millennial young adults. Be sure to follow him at: https://www.instagram.com/searchisaiah/ We have new posts going up all the time.

  2. This is a very interesting idea! I wonder what he would be posting regarding all the various events of today? I love the idea, and this is a great little map to Isaiah!

    • Jacob,
      I don’t know if you noticed our “Isaiah Today” column on the right side of our homepage. We subscribe to Google Alerts worldwide for news that relates to Isaiah. You may find this a way to see what he would have to say these days

  3. I would love if he was still alive and had an Instagram, I’m sure it’d be full of personality. I’m excited to see what Isaiah has to say!

  4. I agree with Hayley, this is a great way to keep younger generations feeling connected to the teachings of Isaiah. It might be more relatable and make a greater impact if the pictures “Isaiah” posted were more along the lines of the submissions for Pop Isaiah’s “Does Good Communicate with Man through Nature” competition… pictures of things we see every day or may even post on our own Instagram that help visualize specific passages.

  5. That’s a great idea. We may need another contest 😎
    I know I am having a hard time finding good pictures for our articles, but Don Parry’s “Visualizing Isaiah” may help me. I glad a got a copy recently.


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