Breaking Israel News Thinks Trump May Fulfill Prophecy in 2018

Trump's plans to move embassy
Trump's plans to move embassy may fulfill prophecy
Trump announced US embassy in Tel-Aviv (above) will be moved to Jerusalem

“This will materialize fully when US President Trump will fulfill his promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv (pictured above) to Jerusalem,” predicted Eliana Rudee in Breaking Israel News yesterday. Rudee cited Isaiah 42:6

“’I am the Lord, who called you with righteousness, I will strengthen your hand; I will protect you; I will set you for a covenant to the people, to be a light unto the nations; to open blind eyes; to remove a prisoner from confinement, dwellers in darkness from a dungeon’ (Isaiah 42:6).”

According to the Israel Bible™ “This famous phrase captures the mission statement of the people of Israel. For most of Jewish history, the role of ‘light unto the nations’ has been understood primarily as a private call to live an ethical life and to set a personal example of righteous behavior, to have a positive influence on the world. Rarely was anyone on the outside ever interested in what the Jews as a nation had to say, and so the concept of ‘ohr goyim’ was an ideal that individual Jews strived for  However, Isaiah is calling for so much more. The ‘light’ in his stirring description is capable of opening the eyes of the blind and leading the imprisoned out of darkness. The establishment of the State of Israel and its role on the international stage calls for a transformation of the ‘light unto the nations’ metaphor from a passive, individual candle to a powerful blaze firing up the nations and igniting the world with righteousness. The State of Israel represents the historic opportunity for the people of Israel to fulfil their religious destiny as a nation.”

Rudee cited this verse from Isaiah along with four other Biblical verses to make her predictions (read all five predictions here, but you will have to scroll past the ones she listed for 2017 first). She also said:

“In the new age of Jewish-Christian relations, Israel is finally taking its prophesied role as a light unto the nations.

“A major platform in his presidential campaign, this promise came about as a result of strong Evangelical Christian pressure on Trump to fulfill his campaign promises. This growing link between the Jewish People and the Christians is an unexpected development, flying in the face of a millennium of difficult relations, and unmistakably moving towards the post-Messiah age of peace and brotherhood. Given this new age of relations, unprecedented developments are surely in store.”

About the Author

Eliana_RudeeEliana Rudee is a reporter for Breaking Israel News and a freelance writer based in Jerusalem. Eliana studied politics, International Relations, and Jewish Studies and has since focused her interests on topics related to global Jewish life, American Jewry, counter-terrorism Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation, Israeli culture, and minority rights in Israel. Among many other news outlets and blogs, her bylines have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, New York Daily News, the Culture Trip, and The Hill.

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