Role of a Prophet


Today, in their regular column, Central NY Living,  posted this:

Rev. Brian E. Konkol, Ph. D.

“The role of a prophet is to speak honestly and openly about the probable consequences of contemporary actions. Whether it involves personal behaviors or public priorities, embracing a prophetic witness allows us to engage with the world as it is and collectively seek what it ought to be. Along these lines, the 58th chapter of the Book of Isaiah reminds us that if we “satisfy the needs of the oppressed,” then “light will rise in the darkness”.

“Religious faith is indeed personal, but it is by no means private, as it has a public bearing surrounding our pursuit of common ground for the sake of a common good. And so, in the response to the vast opportunities we each receive, we have a responsibility to serve as present-day prophets, so that our communities of faith are not only concerned with life after death, but also life after birth.

The Rev. Brian E. Konkol, Ph.D., serves as Dean of Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University, where he guides, nurtures and enhances religious, spiritual, and ethical life.

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