Unlocking Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, by Victor L. Ludlow

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I fell in love with this book nearly as soon as I picked it up because it helped me along in my journey of discovery through the Book of Isaiah—you will see its evidence in all my posts.

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Judy in Sandy, Utah says, “Victor Ludlow not only makes Isaiah understandable, but he brings him to life! My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown leaps and bounds after reading this book. I love the poetry and symbolism of Isaiah and this book helps me to understand and appreciate it all the more.”

Goodreads says this of the book: “In the treasure chest of the Book of Mormon scriptures, gems of Isaiah seem to be locked away in secure compartments. This book opens these Isaiah compartments and polishes the precious gems of his prophetic wisdom and symbolic poetry. Including chapters about Isaiah as prophet and poet, Isaiah and the brass plates of Laban, and Isaiah’s message for Latter-day Saints, this insightful volume will enhance your study of the Book of Mormon and give you a greater appreciation for the priceless contributions of the Prophet Isaiah.”

Personally, I could not have said it any better! However, Ludlow’s treatment of Isaiah is just the chapters in the Book of Mormon. Nonetheless, his seminal work, Isaiah, Prophet, Seer, and Poet, written nearly 40 years ago, offers extensive commentary on all the verses in the entire Book of Isaiah.

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