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Kelsey Wilding:  Have any of your students continued on the study of Isaiah after your class?

Ann Madsen:  Oh, yes, almost all of them.

Kelsey Wilding: Really?

Ann Madsen: I see them on campus or I see them, I mean, forty years’ worth of students, and I see them some place and my first question is, are you still reading Isaiah? And they say yes, I am. And they say, I tried to teach my family about it, I’m trying to teach them what you taught me. And I always say I’d like you to be a proselyte for Isaiah. Would you please at the end of class after they’ve taken their final and we have a little lunch together, or a little dinner together, we have a potluck after they take their written final. And, I always send them off saying, now your job is to go out in the world and explain to people that Isaiah and can be understood. And that you’re beginning to understand it and that your teacher is beginning to understand it too. It takes effort. It takes energy. It takes desire. And it takes prayer. Never open Isaiah without saying a prayer and asking to understand what you’re going to read, that that’s all it takes because the Lord wants us to understand that it’s for our time.

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