David Ridges – Discusses “Isaiah Made Easier”

Isaiah Made Easier Presented by David Ridges in Podcast 6

Kelsey Wilding:  So, this is your first book, Isaiah Made Easier.

David Ridges:  Yes, that’s right.

Kelsey Wilding: Why did you write this?

David Ridges: I did it because of the Institute students that were in my Isaiah verse by verse class, when they would miss a day, they were very distraught that they had all the other chapters up to that point marked, technicolor and with various notes, and then completely blank. It was a blow to their ego to not have it marked, it really was. And so, I just began downloading them, and then taking my own preparation time and typing in the little notes just like you find in there within the verses and between the verses with some background and explanation of terms that Isaiah used. And then I would just give it to them as a hand out and they could make every class that way and write those notes better in their own scriptures.

Kelsey Wilding: You are a nice man. I wish all of my teachers and professors did this.

David Ridges: Well, yeah, I had a heart for them.

Kelsey Wilding: That’s what it is.

David Ridges: Poor kids, so that’s what I did. That’s how we got it.

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