Was Isaiah Married? Did he have a family?

Who Wrote This Book and How Did He Live?


Isaiah was married and had at least two sons (see Isaiah 7:38:1–3). In Isaiah 8:3 he refers to his wife as “the prophetess.” The expression “prophetess” is used here only to designate the prophet’s wife, not a prophetic office or gift (see Young, Book of Isaiah, 1:303).

Isaiah; name means “the Lord is salvation” and this idea is reflected in his writings. His sons were both given prophetic names to dramatize Isaiah’s message. His first son, Shear-jashub (Isaiah 7:3), name means “the remnant shall return” (Isaiah 7:3a) and the second, Maher-shalal-hash-baz, name means “to speed to the spoil, he hasteneth the prey.” (Isaiah 8:1). All three names convey a message to the people in Judah so that whenever anyone saw or heard Isaiah and his sons, they were given a message through those names, as a sign or witness against the people.

Shear-jashub accompanied his father in visiting the king.

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Here’s me in a nutshell - a returned missionary, a newlywed, currently attending BYU in the Accounting program, and trying to understand Isaiah. To me, Isaiah is an untouched treasure chest; hopefully we’ll find the map, learn to read it, and open that chest together.


  1. I wish we were able to have a complete biography of Isaiah, I’m so interested in who he married. What was his wife like? Was there such thing as attraction during his time or was marriage a societal expectation?

    • Thanks for reading Joyce!
      Unfortunately very little is known about his wife and children at this time. I have tapped the research done thus far in this area and this is as far as we can go without major speculation. However, if there are any new findings I’ll be sure to let you know!


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