Fasting—Physical Effects of Extended Fasting


Fasting is an age old alm to God. Extended fasting, for 40 days for instance, is something many prophets did when they needed direction. Isaiah tells of the wonders of fasting in chapter 58. He says “Behold, in the day of your fast ye find pleasure, and exact all your labours” (Isaiah 58). This article tells of the physical effects of extended fasting, using video interviews of Ken Krogue, who recently fasted for 40 days!

How I Overcame Insulin Resistance, High blood Pressure and Pre-Diabetes by Fasting

In the video above, Ken Krogue tells us how fasting for 40 days improved his health in many vital ways.
“I overcame insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, high blood sugar problems, and high blood pressure. Here’s how I did it a 40 day water fast, and it worked! Everybody said, ‘Ken you’re crazy’ and I said ‘look guys, read this book I just read called The Complete Guide to Fasting. It has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon in fact I’m putting a review out here I’d recommend you guys do too. Read it, get the Kindle audible version, whatever. Read this thing!

The Longest Fast in the World

“I asked people ‘ what do you think the longest fast is?’ Everyone says 40 days, some say 40 days 40 nights. One said Noah fasted the longest during the flood, also for 40 days. It’s true Christ fasted 40 days and I’m not trying to compare myself to Christ but I found that if you got enough fat storage you can go a long time. And I was pretty well set for that.”
“However the longest fast on record was 382 days. This guy from Sweden. drank only water with a multivitamin for 382 days. With doctor supervision he went down from 456 pounds to 180 pounds.”
“Frankly, it’s just a math problem. If you burn 2,200 calories a day, which is about what I do, and a pound of fat is 3600 calories, you can lose a lot of weight really fast. You feel great! It’s like ketosis on steroids.”
“First the fast got me off my insulin resistance, which finally allows you to lose weight. That happened about day 5. Then my blood sugar went back to normal, my blood pressure went to normal, and all pre-diabetic signs were gone. I’m feeling wonderful. I got off my CPAP that standard breathing apparatus for old fat guys. So address the problem and your health can come back. I’m so excited I’m gonna keep going down to the weight I was in high school. Try it out!”

Fasting Away the CPAP

Krogue’s fast was so beneficial to his health that it fixed the sleep apnea he developed at a young age, and he was able to get off his CPAP machine.

“I have a pretty bad sleep apnea problem, so I want to share with you how I got off my CPAP using a 40 day fast. Now, again, everyone says ‘Ken you’re crazy how can you go 40 days?’ Well it was very easy—in fact I loved it. It’s one of the best and most healthy things I’ve ever done in my life. I started at about 258 pounds, and as soon as I got below 217
pounds I didn’t need a CPAP.”
“I was adopted and I understand I was never breastfed. I was fed on a bottle was a little baby and then I had bad orthodontic work that makes my breathing really bad, so when I went into the sleep apnea clinic they said, ‘Ken you got one of the most worst cases
of sleep apnea we’ve ever seen.’ They said basically you stop breathing several times, like 50 times an hour, and I couldn’t stay awake.”
“Welcome to the problem of old fat guys have! All of those guys with CPAP should stop worrying about ways to get around their sleep apnea and just address the problem! It’s been great for me. The fast also helped my insulin problems, blood sugar, and my blood pressure was back to normal by about day five.”

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