Fasting—Dangers of Extended Fasting Diet


Did you know it’s really possible to fast from all food for 40 days? An extended fast can be effective for your health and spirituality, but comes with dangers and risks.

Dangers of Extended Fasting

The video above tells of the dangers and risks involved with extended fasting. If you embark on an extended fast for your health or spirituality, we suggest you do your research, have body fat, and monitor your health along the way.

Do Your Research

“So the question is, are there any risks dangers for extended fasting? The main one is you’ve got to research and really know what you’re doing. Again The Complete Guide to Fasting is the book I recommend.”

Have Body Fat

“Make sure in extend fasting that you have enough fat stores. If you’re already pretty low body fat then your body moves from burning sugars to burning fats and the burning proteins, and that’s when your body starts eating itself. That’s when people move into bulimia and anorexia, having health problems, hair loss, all that kind of stuff. But if you got fat stores that’s not a problem. Think about a bear hibernating all winter living off their fat stores! The same architect who made a bear made man. It’s all about just monitoring closely.

Monitor Your Health

“Have some medical supervision. Check in with a doctor periodically to get your your vitals tested and blood work done. Then just get those checked and watch them close in the middle of the fast. Don’t don’t eat heavy things. I made the mistake of having a small handful of sunflower seeds and felt like I was going to die. If you re going to eat, eat little things like maybe some avocado, wheatgrass juice, Bragg’s apple cider, vinegar, lemon-lime juice, those kind of things are great. Do your homework make sure you’ve checked in with a doctor and if you don’t have enough body fat you’re not going to move from burning fat to burning proteins.

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