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While our project is ongoing, a directory of posts and their related chapters of the Book of Isaiah seems valuable to our readers. Also helpful are the Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon listed in the sections below this chart

(those in blue are posted others are pending)

Chapters of Isaiah Quoted in the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon prophets included about one-third of Isaiah’s 66 chapters in their engravings. That makes the Book of Mormon a special commentary on Isaiah’s works. And as Garold N. Davis explains the, “prophetic commentary” by Lehi, Nephi, Jacob, and the Lord himself helps us understand Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon.

But according to Victor L. Ludlow, “About one-third of the verses have major differences when compared to the King James Version of the Bible—that is, wording changes or additions which significantly change or enlarge the meaning of the verse. Another one-third of the Isaiah verses in the Book of Mormon have minor wording or punctuation changes which do not alter the verse’s meaning, and one-third are exactly the same as the corresponding Biblical passages.

“Two large blocks of Isaiah chapters (2-14 and 48-54) are scattered among four books (1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Mosiah, and 3 Nephi). In addition, Isaiah 29 is quoted in 2 Nephi.

“The following chart shows where these 21 Isaiah chapters are found in the Book of Mormon:

1 Nephi2021      
2 Nephi 7 8 12 131415 16 17
 18192021232324 27
Mosiah 14       
3 Nephi 20 22      

Other Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon

Other Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon.Paraphrased passages in the Book of Mormon.
Isa 11:5-9 in 2 Ne 30:11-15
Isa 11:4 in 2 Ne 30:9
Isa 49:23 in 2 Ne 6:7
Isa 52:8-10 in Mosiah 15:29-31; 3 Ne 16:18-20
Isa 55:1-2 in 2 Ne 9:50-51
Isa 49:24-26 in 2 Ne 6:16-18
Isa 52:1-2 in 2 Ne 8:24-25
Isa 52:7-10 in Mosiah 12:21-24
Isa 5:26 in 2 Ne 29:2
Isa 22:13 in 2 Ne 28:7-8
Isa 28:10,13 in 2 Ne 28:30
Isa 29:5 in 2 Ne 26:18
Isa 29:15a in 2 Ne 28:9b
Isa 40:3 in 1 Ne 10:8
Isa 49:22 in 1 Ne 22:8; 2 Ne 6:6
Isa 52:1a in Moroni 10:31a
Isa 52:7 in 1 Ne 13:37; Mosiah 15:14-18
Isa 11:11a in 2 Ne 25:17a; 29:1b; cf 25:11
Isa 25:12 in 2 Ne 26:15
Isa 29:3-4 in 2 Ne 26:15-16
Isa 29:14a in 1 Ne 14:7a; 22:8a; 2 Ne 25:17b; 29:1a
Isa 29:21b in 2 Ne 28:16a
Isa 45:18 in 1 Ne 17:36
Isa 49:23a in 1 Ne 22:8b; 2 Ne 10:9a
Isa 52:10 in 1 Ne 22:10-11
Isa 52:13-15 in 3 Ne 21:8-10
Isa 54:2b in Moroni 10:31a
Isa 52:12 in 3 Ne 21:29
Isa 53:8,10 in Mosiah 15:10-11
Isa 55:1 in 2 Ne 26:25
Presented by Victor L. Ludlow at BYU Education Week 2006

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