Never Suffer From Confusing Isaiah Symbolism Again

Never Suffer From Confusing Isaiah Symbolism Again by Looking at These Six Symbols Explained

Never Suffer From Confusing Isaiah Symbolism Again by Looking at These Six Symbols Explained

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I’m a connoisseur of the esoteric, whether in scripture or desserts. Isaiah’s air of mystery reaches through the ages to draw me in and compels me to uncover his ancient mysteries. While design is my calling, occasionally I lend my words to


  1. Jessica Jackson

    I think that “Crowns” in Isaiah has two different meanings, so looking at a standard bible dictionary definition of the crown would not apply to Isaiah. In Chapters 28:1,4,5 he talks about the fading wreaths on the heads on the opulent and drunken that sit on their heads as a crown. This would not be a crown of power, dominion or exaltation. Then in Chapters 35:10 and 51:11 and 62:3 he describes a crown of everlasting joy and glory, the good type of crown. Context is important as Isaiah is tricky to understand. I sure would not want a fading wreath crown on my head 🙂

    • Jessica, we really appreciate your thoughtful comment. It is clear that we cannot make a one-size-fits-all explanation of Isaiah’s symbols, even though some of the scholars we have worked with do.

  2. If anything these have helped me start thinking more analytically about the symbols in Isaiah. I don’t just take things for granted anymore. Thanks for the help!

  3. Very helpful graphic. However, the image of a palm of a hand is misleading. He image should be of a branch from a tree. The scriptures are very clear that the people aren’t just waving with their hands. They’re using palm branches or fronds.

    • Oops, sorry about the typo. “He” should be “the”.

  4. The only place I can think of Isaiah using the word “palm” is in chapter 49, verse 16. That usage suggests more of remembrance and protection.


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