Lesson 38: Beside Me There Is No Saviour Supplement to Old Testament Class Member Study Guide

Lesson 38: Beside Me There Is No Saviour
Beside me, there is no savior.
For lesson 38, ‘Beside Me, There Is No Savior’  we will help each other understand that Jesus Christ is incomparable in his devotion to his people and that he has a great work for them to do.

To prepare for class carefully study Isaiah 40–49 and review these verses. But, As you read each passage, look for answers to the following questions: Which attribute of the Savior is mentioned in this passage? How does knowledge of this attribute help increase our faith in the Savior?

“Isaiah’s metaphoric use of eagles’ wings is also echoed in modern scripture where the Lord promises Lyman Wight that if he is faithful the Lord will “bear him up as on eagles’ wings; and he shall beget glory and honor to himself and unto my name.” (D&C 124:18.) In the same revelation, the Lord promises William Law that as he serves the Lord, he will receive great powers and blessings including the promise that “he shall mount up in the imagination of his thoughts as upon eagles’ wings.” (D&C 124:99.) Other phraseology from Isaiah’s promise is found in the Doctrine and Covenants. For example, those who keep the Word of Wisdom are promised that they shall “run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.” (D&C 89:20; compare Isa. 40:31, KJV.)1
The Lord has waited a long time for this restoration, and he now promises to restore Israel and not forsake her. This latter-day restoration will stand forever, as shown to Nebuchadnezzar and interpreted for him by the prophet Daniel (see Daniel chapter 2, especially verse 44).2
Verses 1 and 7 use the Hebrew terms baurau and yatzar, two verbs of creation in Genesis that are used again here. “I have redeemed thee”—once again the future perfect tense is used (see commentary at Isaiah 3:8–11).
Verse 2: Compare Doctrine and Covenants 122. Our loving, personal God reassures each of us: “When thou passest through the waters [of affliction], I will be with thee . . . when thou walkest through the [refiner’s] fire, thou shalt not be burned.”
Verse 3: Jehovah promises to come as Savior.
Verse 4: Again, the loving nature of the Servant is identified.3
The Lord reminds the children of Israel of their preferred status as his servants (44:21), adding that he will forgive them and forget their sins if they will return to him. Indeed, the Atonement has already been firmly decreed, and mankind’s sins can be blotted out by the Redeemer (44:22). Because of this great gift of redemption, all of God’s creations sing praises to him (44:23).4
This particular chapter contains one of my personal favorite verses, verse 16, which contains beautiful Atonement symbolism.…I will be crucified for you. Just as a workman’s hands bear witness of his profession, his type of work, so shall nail prints in My hands bear witness of My love for you.…I know where you live, see you continuously, and I will not forget you.5
  • Babylon is often used in the scriptures as a symbol for the wickedness of the world. What are the results of seeking after the ways of the world? (See Isaiah 47:1, 5, 7–11.)

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  • What has the Lord promised to those who seek him rather than the world? (See Isaiah 48:17–18.)
  • Many of the prophecies in Isaiah 49 apply both to the work of the Savior and to the work of his servants. What does Isaiah 49:1–6 teach about our responsibilities in the latter days?


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