Do You Recognize the Signs of the Times in the News?

Recent Events like the shooting last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High makes us question do you recognize the signs of the times in the news?

You don’t have to read very far in Isaiah to follow along in this blog, as it relates to three things which happened last week.  The news covered them, but all three broke my heart.  In Isaiah Chapter one, verse 4 he talks about God.  God has already told him that although he brought up his children and nurtured them, they rebelled against him.  God said in verse 4:

“Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity (wickedness), a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backwards.”

My thoughts on Isaiah have always been that it shows the real fight of good against evil.  I worried because Isaiah never mentioned Satan, specifically.  But Satan can be defined as wickedness or iniquity.  So our news of last week was really about God vs. Satan.  We the followers of the Lord need to put the world on alert about this ongoing war.

Let’s start with the mass murders in Florida.  At first, I thought, why did God allow all these innocent children and their protectors to die.  Aha, it was not God, it was Satan.  He seems to get stronger and people begin to accept evil and just wait for it to happen again.  They just go back to their everyday lives of school and social media. These survivors are at least speaking up, but about the wrong thing.  It is not about gun control, it is about returning to the laws of goodness and morality which the Lord wants for his children.

The second thing which truly broke my heart involved our very Christian Vice President.  He is a man who loves the Lord and has never denied it.  The “VIEW” is an ABC popular TV program, watched by too many, in my opinion.  It is a group of four outspoken liberal women, Joy Behar, being one of them.  I heard someone say she is a comedian, but what is funny about a person’s beliefs.  She spoke of Vice President Pence and how Jesus speaks to him.  Then, she said he claims to talk to Jesus and if that is the case he belongs in a mental institution.  Do not the present day followers of Jesus all speak to him and God in the form of prayer.

I wonder whose wickedness is evident in this program.  I bet you got it right this time.  It is sad that the good are being maligned with impunity.  Same old, same old, and Satan appears to be winning.  Please join us in stopping it by stopping ABC and making your voice loud enough to dismiss Joy Bahar.

My third heartbreaking moment last week was the abduction of a sweet four-year-old girl.  The kidnapper had spotted her with her Mom in a grocery store.  He followed them home and broke in, battered the Mother and took the four-year-old.  No amber alert was issued, as they had no vehicle to tie it to.  The entire neighborhood searched, the lake nearby had divers in it.  By the next night, a great many people held a candlelight prayer vigil.  As they were praying, they received word she was found several States away, unharmed.  A vehicle was noticed parked with a man and a child in it.  The police were called and the Chief gently took the little girl out of the car.  The kidnapper got away but was soon caught.  The child is now at home.  SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS.

Let’s all work together to be on the Lord’s side.   Even if you have strayed at times, repentance will put you back on the right path.  Isaiah says so!

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