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Kelsey Wilding:  If people are just starting Isaiah and want to learn more, would be one piece of advice you’d give them?

Ann Madsen:  Well, there would be a couple, and there’s a little booklet in my DVD that’s kind of a teaching booklet. I didn’t make the DVD to be listened to and thrown away, but to be listened to and then to learn more, and it has a timeline and a whole bunch of different little things. The first thing, I have a concepts of Isaiah and in that, the first thing I say is you need to know the history of the time of Isaiah, to understand Isaiah, because he refers to the kings that were there, to the…what was going on in the culture, who were the big…the Assyrian Army, was invading. There were a lot of things happening that he refers to in his prophecies and if you don’t know that, if you don’t know his history, then you don’t have a close. That’s why it sounds like Greek to you. Just look at it and think, well, who were the Assyrians? Who were the Moabites? What? What were they doing in Jerusalem? And it’s interesting because Isaiah was a head of a… well, he’s in the seven hundreds and then if you think of the Book of Mormon, 600 BC Lehi and his family read Isaiah, like we read Joseph Smith. It’s that same period of time and so that helps you to understand why there’s so much Isaiah in the Book of Mormon because he really affected their lives. He was a prophet that they almost were alive for, you know, recently enough.

Kelsey Wilding: Yeah.

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