David Ridges – Explains Why Isaiah is Written In Poetic Form

Why Isaiah uses poetic form

Kelsey Wilding:  Why was Isaiah written in poetic form?

David Ridges:  Probably because it was a very prestigious thing to do in his day. It was the academically accepted way and when you get into it, it is truly beautiful, but until you get through that threshold, it can be quite confusing, but he was the academic. He was an academic. He was accord advisor to the Kings. He was what we would call in the highest circles, it’s the academics and intellectuals in his day. That’s really phenomenal and inspired, and very powerful.

Kelsey Wilding: Do you know if he had any siblings?

David Ridges: I do not know.

Kelsey Wilding: Do you know anything about his parents?

David Ridges: Not really. No.

Kelsey Wilding: What about his wife?

David Ridges: We don’t know anything to speak of, except that they did have children and they were told by the Lord to give them some names, special names for the prophecies and things to come, but I know of nothing else. There may be others that do.


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