The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 3, by David J Ridges


The Old Testament Made Easier, Part 3

In part 3 of this study guide, David J. Ridges, brings selections from Ecclesiastes through Malachi in Old Testament to life. However, at it is the treatment of Isaiah that we’ll review here.
Ridges uses a conversational verse-by-verse dialogue that is both easy to understand but enlightening. The Isaiah section, of course, matches his treatment in the Book of Mormon Made Easier, Part 1. But, in a recent conversation with him, Ridges said not to be fooled, because each time he “reads from these verses he add new insights and ideas.”
Using this volume, you can study of Isaiah and Jeremiah. He also provides helps for Ecclesiastes and Ezekiel through Malachi. Personally, I find the in-verse notes a very effective to read these scriptures. Here is an example from Isaiah 7:2 with his notes in green:
And it was told the house of David [Judah, Jerusalem], saying, Syria is confederate [joining forces] with Ephraim [Israel, the northern ten tribes]. And his [King Ahaz’s] heart was moved [shaken], and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind [they were “shaking in their boots”; scared].
This technique is his personal trademark which was born out of an honors Institue classes, where students, “micro scrunched” their notes, as he calls it, into their own scriptures. Those students “took great pride in those notes,” he said. But when one of them missed a class there was a gap in their notes most did not like. So class members and Bro. Ridges pooled notes and posted them online so anyone could “make-up” notes in their personal scriptures. This was the birth of his in-verse notes and is common in most of his 33 publications and all of his Gospel Studies Series.
This study guide will be a great companion to your Old Testament Study this year. You can purchase your copy from Cedar Fort Publishing & Media’s outlet Books & Things.
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