Lesson 39: How Beautiful upon the Mountains Supplement to Old Testament Class Member Study Guide

Lesson 39: How Beautiful upon the Mountains
How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that teach the Savior's atonement.
Studying passages from Isaiah 50–53 that are centered on the Savior’s atoning sacrifice can strengthen each of our testimonies of the Atonement.                          (Teachers go here)

In this regard, the 2001 Old Testament Class Member Study Guide pp. 25–26, asks the following questions:

SearchIsaiah.org offers study materials for chapters 50–53 below:

Jacob’s Commentary on Isaiah 50–1 (2 Nephi 7–8)
Trying to understand why both Nephi and Jacob used Isaiah so extensively in the small plates, or plates reserved “for the special purpose”

Jesus Christ's scourged back discussed in 2 Nephi 72 Nephi 7 / Isaiah 50—the Third Servant Song
Like his older brother Nephi, Jacob seems to love Isaiah and beginning in 2 Nephi 7, Jacob reads Isaiah 50 to testify of Jesus Christ.

2 Nephi 8 / Isaiah 51-52:2 
Look to your heritage as Abraham’s seed! God will comfort Zion in righteousness and salvation, but also bring judgment, while the redeemed return to Zion, saved and protected.

Isaiah 52 and 3 Nephi 20
Isaiah 52 applies to the last days; a time when the people of Zion and Jerusalem will be restored to power, particularly priesthood power, and will be free from oppression.

Isaiah Reveals Ways to Remember Christ for Easter in Mosiah 14 and Isaiah 53 Isaiah 53 (Mosiah14)
Isaiah describes the Savior in terms as a mortal and his mission as the Messiah. He comments on His persecution and condemnation, His suffering and death. and the results of  His atoning mission.


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