Was Child Trafficking Prophesied in Isaiah 2:6? You Decide


Did you know that every 30 seconds a child is sold for sex, labor, or organ harvesting?

Many people of faith believe Isaiah 2 verse 6 shows that Isaiah prophesied of a day when child trafficking would occur:

“Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines,


Isaiah 2:6

$150 BillionIf true, 2,800 years ago Isaiah was shown a day when this disturbing, destructive, and toxic industry thrive. Today the sex trafficking industry brings in $150 BILLION dollars a year. It is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. Below gives you a better idea:

  • 30 million people are trapped in sex trafficking
  • 2 million children are sex slaves throughout the world
  • 6 million children are forced into either sex, labor, or organ harvesting
  • Sex trafficking is growing so rapidly because criminals can sell a human many times whereas drugs can only be sold once
  • The highest consumer of child pornography is the United States of America

This may seem like a foreign, untouchable issue to you. But there actually is something you can do. You can support Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) in saving children from human trafficking. Here’s a little more about the non-profit:Operation Underground Railroad




Operation Underground Railroad, founded by Tim Ballard four years ago, combatsTim Ballard and child child trafficking. Teams of former military and CIA special operatives subdue these criminals as well as train local law enforcement with strategies and resources to find and imprison predators.

In the past four years, O.U.R. has rescued 1,400 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 570 traffickers around the world.

Join us in supporting O.U.R. to eradicate modern-day slavery and save children being abused throughout the world.

Start with watching this FREE newly-released documentary about Tim Ballard and the O.U.R mission, currently available online at ourfilm.org. After watching the film, you’ll have access to new content and ways to help from Tim Ballard and others.

Below is the trailer to learn more.

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  1. I am horrified that children would be sold for anything, but sex and their organs, this is beyond my comprehension!

  2. Grateful for O.U.R. and all their great work. Excited to see the documentary and start helping!

  3. Wow…unbelievable that this is happening!! We need to spread the word and make more people aware of what is happening in our society today!! Thanks for posting this and I plan on sharing this!!!

  4. I am very interested as a retired person and have the time to volunteer, but not the money to help this important group. Thanks for all you do to help .

  5. I know that this problem is very real as my husband has seen evidence of it and dealt with aspects of it working as a Border Patrol agent. I am truly grateful there are people working to fight it!

    • Wow Lara! I bet he sees somethings first hand that we could not even imagine. Tell him thanks for his service!

  6. Wow OUR is a great cause! Isaiah was truly a prophet. It’s interesting how we are warned repeatedly from prophets about the dangers in our day but how we don’t see things coming. It’s so sad that this is still an issue in the dark. I hope that this will bring to light the prophecies of Isaiah, a prophet, from long ago.

  7. Child sex trafficking is absolutely horrible. There is no justification for such a horribly wicked practice.

    However, your interpretation of Isaiah 2:6 is fatally flawed. You’ve read the 400-year-old King James English translation with a 21st-century American understanding and incorrectly concluded that there’s a double entendre in the verse.

    The Hebrew here is וּבְיַלְדֵ֥י נָכְרִ֖ים יַשְׂפִּֽיקוּ, “and with the children of foreigners they _______. ” The meaning of the final verb (שָׂפַק) is uncertain. Some translators (e.g., HALOT) believe it means “slap,” and so translate it “they slap [hands] with foreigners.” If that’s correct, it could be a reference to foreign alliances or trade.

    In any event, “the children of foreigners” does not mean literal children (young people), any more than “the children of Israel” means that all Israelites were small children. It’s simply a Hebrew euphemism for a large group of people who share a common ancestry.

    The verse is simply saying that the Israelites have become too friendly with non-Israelites, and that kind of thing leads to worship of foreign gods, etc. There’s nothing in there about literal children, sex, or child sex trafficking.


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