2018’s Top 20 Articles Looking Back on SearchIsaiah's First Year

Top 20 Articles

With 2018 quickly coming to a close, let’s take a look back at the top 20 articles from 2018

  1. Is Stylometry the Ultimate Proof that Joseph Smith Did Not Write the Book of Mormon?

  2. Are we among the Swift Messengers of Isaiah 18?

  3. Why You Shouldn’t Have a List of Dos and Don’ts for the Sabbath

  4. Russell M. Nelson—a Living Prophet Visits Jerusalem

  5. Amazing Find in Jerusalem That Archaeologists World-wide Are Talking About

  6. Book of Mormon Evidence vs Book of Mormon Central

  7. Take the 1 Minute Isaiah Challenge

  8. Was Child Trafficking Prophesied in Isaiah 2:6? You Decide

  9. The Gathering of Israel: Nothing of greater consequence!

  10. BYU’s 3D Jerusalem Tour

  11. Isaiah’s 8 Reasons to Fast

  12. Did the Utah Pioneers Fulfill Isaiah’s Prophecies?

  13. Never Suffer From Confusing Isaiah Symbolism Again

  14. Fasting—Spiritual Effects of Extended Fasting—Isaiah 58

  15. The Gathering of Israel: YOU are of Israel

  16. Has Isaiah’s Signature Been Found?

  17. 15 Prophecies about Joseph Smith

  18. Where are the Lost Verses of Isaiah?

  19. President Nelson’s 5 Ways to Change You and the World

  20. Is Isaiah’s 2800-Year-Old Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

All of us here at SearchIsaiah want to thank you for your support throughout this first year, and we cannot wait for the years to come.

Our mission is still simple: Give people the resources they need, to start from where they’re at, and obey the Savior’s command in 3 Nephi to “search Isaiah”. In so doing we hope more and more people will find true and lasting joy as they come closer to Christ.

We echo Christ’s words:

“great are the words of Isaiah”

Why is do you think Isaiah is Great? Tell us in the comments to potentially be featured in a new article.

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