Time to Make a New Year’s Resolution?

Read Isaiah in 90 days


Naturally, there are many resources out there to help us study, but I have chosen to start simple this year with the “Introduction to Isaiah,” Old Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students lesson plans. However, I will add some things from the Old Testament Seminary Teacher Manual too, and of course, other discoveries from the commentaries I have been reading.

What this means, is that in the next 13 weeks you can read and study Isaiah with me, but studying it diligently like the Lord commanded, is up to you. Naturally, if you missed the January start date, you could start this anytime and be though Isaiah in just 90 days, or at least that is our goal; five or so chapters a week for the next three months.

Remember this study outline is taken from the Old Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students, but my findings from studying this will show up in my Discover Isaiah column of this blog, just not in the Isaiah Studies section.


 Chapters in Isaiah

January 1–6 Isaiah 1–5
January 7–13 Isaiah 6–9
January 14–20 Isaiah 10–16
January21–27 Isaiah 17–23
January 28–February 3 Isaiah 24–29
February 4–10 Isaiah 30–35
February 11–17 Isaiah 36–41
February 18–24 Isaiah 42–47
February 15–March 3 Isaiah 48–50
March 4–10 Isaiah 51–53
March 11–17 Isaiah 54–57
March 18–24 Isaiah 58
March 25–31 Isaiah 59–66


If you go online there are other study resources you may find helpful. Listed here a few I found after a quick search.

In the comment section below, tell us how you plan to study Isaiah this year as part of the Sunday School Gospel Doctrine curriculum.

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  1. I have never really studied Isaiah, but I’m excited to delve into it. Is there a community we can go to to post questions or ideas that we have?

    • Jacob
      This is our community. Keep leaving comments and asking questions. You will find answers in our “Ask Isaiah” section. We will also work to connect you to others who are like minded

  2. Are the teachings of Isaiah easier to understand if I use the seminary teaching manuals? When Isaiah is taught in Seminary what method of teaching best resonates with students? I am wanting the most simple version of the teaching of Isaiah and then I can build upon them as I have questions.

    • Kelsey
      We selected the Old Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students because it is used worldwide for students who are self-driven and still want a seminary experience. We are not sure there is a more basic course around than this.

  3. I love that you gave a chart where people can follow along and read with you! It’s great we have access to these resources.

  4. I will be posting a new one for Sunday School in September when we study that as a church


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