Isaiah the Prophet for Today

Is Isaiah the Prophet of today looking through pop culture?

Let’s talk a bit about “pop culture”.  It is an idea or ideas written for the masses to understand via social media.  Many feel it applies only to younger people, but that is not necessarily so.  It is for anyone who doesn’t want to wade through the heavy, yawn inclining stuff.

We want everyone to know about the Old Testament book written by the Prophet Isaiah in a pop-cultish type of way.

Enter “POP ISaIAH”

When I again read Isaiah quite recently, I wondered what was so complicated about all this.  People much smarter than me have written many books about the interpretation of Isaiah.  So who do I think I am to say something that probably nobody else happens to write about?

I’m just an everyday grandmother who reads the Bible.  While reading Isaiah, I became very aware of the fact he was a Prophet.  A Prophet advises us about the future.  Sure, he spoke of the people of his day as well as the coming forth of Immanuel, the Son of God, being born of a virgin. He spoke of God’s anger towards many people for their lack of morality and falling away from His laws.  He also spoke of how God was planning to punish those sinners. He emphasized God’s love of his true believers, and how he begged those who had fallen away to return to him.

I would like to write a series of short blogs about how Isaiah is as applicable today as it was when written. If you think that most of the people in the world are super great, and you don’t recognize the series of severe natural disaster around the world as being unusual, that crime and drugs and the flu are not pandemic, then don’t bother to read any of my future postings.  After all this is “POP ISIAH”.

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  1. Pop we are glad you are back and look forward to your views on the signs of the times in the last days.


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