Visualizing Isaiah, by Donald W Parry


Visualizing Isaiah is a full-color book, the kind you keep on a coffee table to interest your guests. Anyone who picks it up will enjoy browsing the pages, but if someone is serious and pauses on a page, they will see Parry has offered  “explanations that shed light on the sometimes complex, always powerful words of Isaiah.”

The author, Donald W. Parry, is an expert on Isaiah and Old Testament texts. Naturally, his knowledge of ancient scriptures complements the book’s gorgeous photographs, good maps, and charts that help illustrate many verses from the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament.

GoodReads offers this description: “The book of Isaiah is filled with rich symbolism. Isaiah drew on life around him to illustrate with words the mission of Jesus Christ, the restoration of the gospel, the rewards of the righteous, the fate of the wicked, and prophecies for both modern and ancient times. Readers better grasp this prophet’s writings by understanding and visualizing the symbols he used.

“The book’s pictures capture familiar phrases: a woman weaves scarlet wool, and eagle mounts up and soars through the sky, a tender plant grows out of dry ground. These well-known passages are infused with life through stunning images and enlightening commentary.”

My copy is right here on my desk waiting for my next visitor. Drop by and take a look if you like.

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