Lesson 40: Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent Supplement to Old Testament Class Member Study Guide

Lesson 40: Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent
How do we "enlarge the place of thy tent"? It starts in our own stake.
Studying passages from Isaiah 54–5663–65 we should be encouraged to strengthen the stake we live in while preparing for the Second Coming and the Millennium.

The 2001 Old Testament Class Member Study Guide p. 26, asks the following questions:

  • In Isaiah 54:2, the prophet uses a comparison of a tent with stakes. How does this represent stakes in the modern Church?
  • What counsel does he offer regarding the entire Church with all of its stakes? (See Isaiah 54:2–3.)
  • What can you do to help build and strengthen the stake where you live?
  • In Isaiah 55:10–13 the prophet wrote that God’s word nourishes our soul like the water from snow or rain helps to nourish seeds.  How does God’s word nourish our soul? (See Alma 32:28.)
  • Looking at Isaiah 65:17–25, during the Millennium what conditions will prevail?

SearchIsaiah.org offers study materials for chapters 54 below:

Isaiah 54 and 3 Nephi 22

This chapter shows the Lord’s promise and devotion to Zion in the “last days.” As such, it is a natural continuation of the prophetic, covenantal promises Christ was giving the Nephites



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  1. Robert Derkowski

    Thanks i never would have learned about stakes if it wasn’t for my wonderful wife


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